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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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Hey I'm not against women.

But I oppose having them in a military organization.

And despite on screen denials, that is what I see StarFleet as.
1) Can you point me to a single, solitary survey that demonstrates that having women in a military organization diminishes its effectiveness?

I have researched this area thoroughly, and so far I've found a few things. The first couple of years after integration were occasionally rough, and military equipment often designed for average sizes of men were unable to be used by women, who tend to be smaller. As far as I can tell that's the sum total of the evidence, and I find it to be extremely thin.

So, minus physiological differences that can ultimately be fixed without gender bias (ie, only people at least 5'6" can man a tank), is there *ANY* evidence that women in a unit after more than 5 years reduces effectiveness?

2) It is a fundamental fact about science fiction that you must accept it on its own terms. That is, transporters and FTL travel are (as far as we know) physical impossibilities, but one does not blast GTTS for including warp drive. It's simply a part of the universe.

Another part of the universe is an organization, structured somewhat like our current military, that nonetheless is primarily based on scientific exploration. As such, it features a lack of certain types of military discipline, many scientists, and diversity as a primary goal. One could make an argument that an organization like this doesn't make sense, but it's irrelevant - this organization is the canvas upon which Star Trek occurs.

You claiming Starfleet is military is like me claiming Harry Potter is devil worship. Sorry - not so much.
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