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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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Hey I'm not against women.

But I oppose having them in a military organization.
Well, speaking as a former military member, and who served in all-male units as well as those of mixed gender, who's been in command of both male and female subordinates, and who's reported to officers and senior enlisted of both genders, I have to say that I don't understand this opposition. If they can meet the standard required to do the particular job, then I say let them have at it.

On the flipside, there were plenty of men I'd like to have seen drop-kicked to the curb because they had no business wearing a uniform. Interestingly, a good number of those had views on women and the military similar to yours.
That information is interesting.

It is great to know.

It changes my opinion not one bit.
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