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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

Who can say what Star Trek will be in the future?
I think Star Trek in the future will be different than Star Trek is today, or what Star Trek was twenty years ago. The reason I think this is that Star Trek has long had a tradition of reflecting the times in which it was made.

The original series reflected the liberal viewpoint of the era of Kennedy and Johnson. Certainly Star Trek: The Motion Picture reflected the malaise of the late '70s. You can argue that Star Trek II reflected an Admiral Kirk who had moved from Kennedy to Reagan, and Star Trek: The Next Generation tended to be rather conservative, again, growing out of the conservativism of the 1980's. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine showed signs of a dangerous, multipolar world. Star Trek: Voyager can be viewed through the prism of searching for the original principles that guided Star Trek, and hence a return to the liberalism and the sunny optimism. Maybe Enterprise's problem was that it didn't reflect the Bush era particularly well.

So, as American society changes, Star Trek too will change.

But I don't think Star Trek will evolve in the direction you want of greater militarism, greater misogyny and racism, and greater prejudice, because American society is moving in the entirely opposite direction.

As time passes, what Star Trek is will change, to keep the stories and the characters relevant and fresh to new audiences. But I don't see any way, short of a collapse of the United States and an imposition of a brutal, repressive theocracy in its place, that it would ever become a militaristic, misogynistic milieu.
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