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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

Dayton3 wrote: View Post
I'm all for a better future.

I just think it would be better portrayed with an all male cast.

Note, when I say "all male cast" I'm referring to an "all male MAIN cast".

Female guest stars and minor characters are fine.

Remember, the early years of "Law & Order" (which are considered quite good) featured an all male main cast.

Certain movies such as the original "The Longest Yard" had all male main casts (there were only two women with speaking roles at all in The Longest Yard).

It seemed to do quite well.
You're comparing a football comedy and a cop show to Star Trek? You really are grabbing at straws, Dayton.

Trek has evolved over the years, but it'll be a long time (i.e. we're all dead) before it moves so far off its core principles that you can legitimately compare it to a David Drake novel and say they're the same.

Your vision of what would be a better future is obviously at odds with 40+ years of Star Trek, so again, why do you bother? This isn't an attempt to be exclusionary, it's simply wondering why you claim to like something that doesn't tell stories in any way, shape, or form that appeals to you.
"They quickly settled on the slender island at the head of the bay, which they called 'Mannahatta', after an old Indian word thought by some to mean 'island of hills', and by others 'place of general inebriation'."
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