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Re: Difference Between Earth Starfleet and the UESPA?

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Perhaps UESPA continued to be used as a traditional name for the Earth Starfleet that grew out of it, or maybe Earth Starfleet was a subdivision of UESPA that eventually overtook the whole thing. And then when the Federation Starfleet was formed, the Earth branch of the combined service, which had formerly called itself Starfleet, went back to calling itself UESPA instead. Perhaps it and the Vulcan Space Command and the Andorian Guard and so forth continued to have some existence, at least in organizational terms, within Starfleet through the late 23rd century or so. But apparently the term had fallen out of use by the TNG era.
I thought I remembered there being a reference somewhere to the Federation members still having their own planetary fleets that focused solely on defending their own world. I could very well be mistaken though, that does happen to me alot.
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