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Re: A Wolf 359?

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48 were mobilized.
Where does that figure come from?
Hanson says over subspace what sounds to me more like 48 than 40. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's not a gimme as far as language goes!

The Enterprise apparently did no recovery operations and there were no life signs when they reached the battle site, so the survivors were likly picked up by whatever ships were left.
And one might think they went on some sort of doomsday mode, deciding not to go to the nearby Earth because that was a lost cause already, nor to answer any hails because the Borg might track them down.
Agreed, but the fact that there were no life signs in the area (That one I did hear right! Lol) indicates that the survivors however many there were had left the scene of battle, also had any survivors been within transporter range, it's likely that Riker would have ordered them to swoop in fast beam them up quickly and move on.
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