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I think DS-9 is an exception that should be ignored.
Errr... No - it is the only series where we see the wartime Starfleet, you can't just ignore it because it doesn't fit!

In all the rest of Trek it's implied that ships are in short supply and each one is precious. In ST1 the Enterprise is rushed out of construction to meet the Vgr threat solo.
Well in any one sector of space at any one time sure, you forget how big space is. It is not comparable in real terms to the oceans of the 19th century, even with warp speed taken into account. If one even one axis it is 8,000 light years across Federation space is massive, and that does not take account of the presumably dozens of ships (usually the best ones) off exploring.

In TNG only 39 ships are available to intercept the Borg cube with Picard aboard.
Considering they were assembled in less than a week - thats a heck of a lot.

It's only in DS-9ís Dominion War we start hearing about hundreds and perhaps thousands of ships. My thought is the writers got carried away with hyperbole and wanted to make the battles sound epic. They didn't sit back and realize how they screwed up Trek canon and how it doesnít fit in with the rest of the Trek universe.
Not at all - Starfleet was just brought together in that war, not spread over thousands of light years - how does that not fit with canon?
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