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You are probably right that serious ship-building efforts were underway, and I was trying to account for the fact that they appeared to be getting really pasted.
The Dominion had both a tactical and strategic initiative in the early days of the war. When they lost this they seemed to be significantly outnumbered by the alpha powers and started to lose the war.

However, Starfleet doubling during the war seems incredibly unlikely when you factor in said pasting with the fact that it typically appears to take a lot more than two years to build a starship.
Two points: -

1. I don't remember any on-screen references indicating it takes two years to build a ship. The only evidence is the Galaxy class, or more accurately the first few, which were prototypes and also rather large, so bound to take longer.
2. In wartime they would chuck out ships poorly finished, with no labs fitted and packing extra phasers and torpedoes in order to get them to the front lines. I doubt many war-build ships did not require heavy refitting when it finished.

Also - in WW2 the Royal Navy built many quick-and-dirty corvettes in the early years of the war, supplemented at the end by full-spec frigates that served long after the war. Starfleet might have done the same, at the start of the war we see many Steamrunners and at the end a lot more Akiras and Nebulas.

In Best of Both Worlds, Shelby appears to be suggesting that it will optimistically take less than a year to repair or replace the thirty-nine ships lost at Wolf 359.
Actually - she says "We'll have the fleet back up in LESS than a year" (emphasis mine) - that to me reads a year, at most, in peacetime when it would not have the same emphasis as it does at war to replace the lost 39 ships, presumably without affecting other shipbuilding efforts.

As for the 5000-8000 figure, that came from conversation with Ron Moore, and he claimed it sprung from some DS9 writers' room discussions on the topic. While his contribution on tech issues is usually nil, I think it's a solid figure
It is a perfectly solid figure, at the higher end at least. But that does not have much to do with shipbuilding in wartime.
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