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Re: Rare Star Trek Photos for September 2008

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Thank you so much for sharing all of these, they're wonderful. I always wonder how many there'll be I haven't seen, and you always manage to produce so many that are new to me.

I really love doing it. It's become a hobby of mine, and a bit of a passion. Preserving Star Trek's history is important. It's a part of who we are, what we love, and it should not just be forgotten or lost. Star Trek is very unique, as is it's impact on pop culture. Keeping as much of it's past alive and around is an important thing, and something we can all actually do just by little things like this. The more we share the rare things we have, the more they become secure for the future. People save them, use them later, re-upload them, re-distribute them, and while always being rare, they become known rarities, rather than things we forgot or never even knew existed.

So if you've got something you think might be rare, make sure to PM me here with it! I'm always open for submissions, and it will help ensure it's survival and that everyone can enjoy it. After all, what good is having a rare thing if no one else knows about it?

I'm actually curious; how many of you save even just one image you see from these Rare Photos? Has anyone ever re-used any of it elsewhere? Avatar, another website, a project of your own? Part of why I go to the lengths I do to put it out there is to make sure it's enjoyed and goes on beyond just being shown to you once, here. If you guys had any idea how much money I've spent on this project, LOL, you'd call me insane! So make good use of my insanity!
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