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...but I hate how many of the characters (both men and women) got much skinnier, with the women practically having "Disney-esque" waists.
I certainly wasn't fond of that either. There was a certain tendency to juvenilize the women. (I hated the character animation of Catwoman in "You Scratch My Back" -- they gave her the body language of a bubbly teenage girl rather than a mature, graceful, sophisticated woman. They improved it in "Cult of the Cat," though.) But since Batgirl was college-age or so, the look worked on her. And her new black costume was tons better than the old grey one.

There are other things about the "New Look" that I'm not fond of, and there are additional aspects of TNBA I'm not crazy about (mainly the loss of the different voices for Bruce and Batman), but it's worthwhile overall and occasionally brilliant -- heck, it's worth it just for "Over the Edge" and "Mad Love." And the visual style can be gotten used to. Heck, it took me a while to get used to the original B:TAS design style. It may be hard to remember in this age where extreme stylization is routine in US TV animation, but at the time, it was unprecedented for a serious action-adventure animated series to have such cartoony, caricatured designs. It took me weeks, if not years, to get used to a Batman whose chin alone was as big as the whole rest of his face.
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