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Re: BTAS: Super-duper delux box set...

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I'll grant you Penguin for the sake of returning back to a normal Penguin (although I don't mind the "monster" version in the first three seasons), but I hate how many of the characters (both men and women) got much skinnier, with the women practically having "Disney-esque" waists. However, I can't remember the changes in Batgirl, so I won't comment there (although I've never been a fan of the character as it is).
+1 for Bruce. He finally looks strong and serious.

+1 for no yellow oval

-2 for Gordon, who looks like he's about to die from some exotic disease.

+1 for Tim Robin replacing Dick. Much more fun

+1 for a better penguin

-1 for Joker's eyes

-1/2 for Detictive Bullock just looking...weird.

+100 for some really great stories. Seriously outweighs anything else. I can't believe someone would avoid this for such a silly reason.
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