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'Star Trek: Season Three: Remastered' Hi-Res Package Art

CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment unveil high resolution 3-D package art photos for forthcoming Star Trek Remastered release.

As reported by, fans awaiting the November 18th release of Star Trek: Season Three: Remastered now have a better idea of the packaging details with the release of detailed photos of the artwork.

Star Trek: Season Three: Remastered will contain seven disks, including all of the episodes from the final season of the original series, which include classics such as The Enterprise Incident and The Tholian Web. Also included will be "collectible data cards," along with other bonus features.

Video will be full frame (1.33:1). Audio will include: English - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, Spanish Mono, French Mono. There will be subtitles in English, Spanish and French.

To see the photos, head to the link located here.

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