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BTAS: Super-duper delux box set...

Batman: The Complete animated series is coming to DVD November 4th.



What's that? Already have it? Well buy it again, or the terrorist scum wins. Seriously, this new delux edition looks pretty sweet. There are only two things stopping me from getting it:

1. I already own the whole thing on DVD season sets.
2. I'm a cheap bastard.

However, if you are willing to spend 90-100 bucks on this...can I come to your house and bask in it? Yeah, I'm a sucker for pretty new boxes and bonus discs & books - which come with this. Anyway, could Bat-mania be any bigger right now? TDK is responsible for this, I think.

Get ready for the Ultra Super Sexy Delux Edition, in time for TCC...
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