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^ People would view Picard unfavourable (like Sisko did) no matter if he had no choice in the matter or not. It is very human off us to what to have someone else to blame for any pain or suffering we experience. They would not care that if assimilated that Picard had no control over his actions, they would say he should have resisted more or killed himself before he led an attack that killed 11,000 of his colleagues and civilians.

As for Sisko I don't see how he can be considered a coward. His ship was disabled and about to explode, abandoning ship was what should be done. Against the Borg it brings up an interesting question that I can't remember been dealt with on TV, that by evacuating the ship you could be delivering your crew and their families straight into the hands of the Borg. Wouldn't be surprised if there aren't Starfleet officers who would think that not evacuating the ship and guarranteeing the death of all onboard would be the right/best course of action then letting them live on as part of the Borg Collective.

I always thought that missed a trick on DS9 - a reasonable borg story that could have been done (if handled right) is that Sisko and the crew encounter the borg and one of the drones is Jennifer, who wasn't actually as dead as they thought.
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