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Re: Rare Star Trek Photos for September 2008

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I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, it's something unique. Something perhaps Frakes had done himself at some point between the two films?
I've had that shot on my hd for years. I used to know where it came from. It's part of a set that comes with this one:

It is an "off duty" shot (its the actor, not the character). In both of these stills, Frakes is wearing his wedding ring. At the time they were both unique in that there were no other posed shots with Frakes wearning a wedding ring in uniform. I think it may have come from a dvd magazine and the issue was about him directing. I'm afraid I can't remember more (old age...)

ETA: Where is that shot of Marina/Troi from? The one with the dinner setting? Is it from the outtake scene from Nemesis when she and Riker are having dinner with Worf?

I love that shot of Picard and Riker! it really captures the atmosphere of TNG when it first aired. There were a lot of "staring into the distance" images in those days.

ETA2. This shot, differes slightly from the one posted at Trek Core. You can see a Borg in this one, cropped from the other. (actually, it isn't cropped now I come to check. It's a different shot).

The date this was first modified onto my hard drive was 1998. So, it's pretty old now. Is that post FC?

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