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Re: Recommendations?

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So the Data who appears in those books may not seem like quite the same character we know Data as today, but it was entirely consistent with what had been established about the character when the books were written.
"Metamorphosis" was/is one of my favourite early TNG novels, but I recommended it to a few ST friends who bought it, read it - and detested it. It does have a strong soap opera element, perhaps? tmclough did say: "I prefer novels that deal with technology over relations...", so I didn't list it earlier.

Certainly, author Jean Lorrah was put through the wringer getting the final draft passing muster. Her Andorian character had to be rewritten (as a "related" Theskian) at the insistence of the then-ST Office, she had to switch Crusher for Pulaski (IIRC) and she didn't get her wish for the cover art (Data staring into a mirror and seeing Brent Spiner).
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