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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

cynical dreamer wrote: View Post
I just long for a sci-fi series that plays it straight. At all times.
I know what you mean.

Science Fiction is science, IMHO, and fantasy is the supernatural stuff. They should be kept more separate.

That said, as long as the foundation is built upon science, I can cope with the rest.

I do hate it though when something is clearly fantasy/supernatural and yet gets lumped in with sci-fi.

Anyway, what about Terminator? That's all science. I mean, there is the question of fate, destiny, and such, but it's always a question. They really keep to the science. Man and machine.

Someone mentioned Firefly...

Uhm... hrm.

You can't really say 'Ghostbusters' fall into it, but, I always liked that they used their technology to combat the supernatural. Showed that anything otherworldly had a science element in it which could be exploited.
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