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Re: Rare Star Trek Photos for September 2008

Cali wrote: View Post
1. Love that Riker shot. I'd have gone for Nemesis-era too, although at a stretch is it possible it's Insurrection-era.
I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, it's something unique. Something perhaps Frakes had done himself at some point between the two films? I'm sure he either had, or could have gotten a uniform if he wanted. The reason I theorize this is that, it really doesn't look like either time period. It looks unique, and in the middle. Also, it doesn't fit the scheme of any other publicity photos. It's setting is totally unique. Someday, when I meet Jonathan again, I'll have to ask him about the photo - I have an 8x10 of it.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
It was Kelsey Grammer who was the avid ST fan. The whole skit was done for him, so he could be involved in the ST special. At the last minute he became gravely ill, a relapse of his fight against alcoholism(?) and he was shunted off to a clinic. Kate Mulgrew stepped in at the last minute, to say the scripted lines of "the captain", so the skit could go ahead as planned. They'd be official costumes in the pic, from the Paramount wardrobe department.
I never knew that before. Poor Kelsey. I mean, not just for the relapse, but to loose out on the opportunity to do that? That's one of those things you kick yourself about years later.
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