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Re: Columbia moving forward with new "Ghostbusters"

^^I liked Garrett. Jason Marsden characters are always cool. And I liked how matter-of-fact they were about him -- they didn't treat it like a Fat Albert episode and call attention to how special it was that this paraplegic guy had managed to be an athlete (which would have been annoying); they just presented it without comment. It's a simple fact that there are plenty of athletic paraplegics in the world, just as there are goth girls and sarcastic slackers in the world. And the show treated it as a simple fact.

But yeah, Kylie was great. I love Tara Strong characters that are close to her natural voice. (Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in The New Batman Adventures is probably closest, and she's really sexy to listen to.) And I liked the subtle innuendo they worked in from time to time. "I'm not a screamer." Hmm...

My main problem with XGB is that it purported to be in continuity with Real Ghostbusters (and brought back Maurice LaMarche as Egon, yay) but wasn't really. The Egon-Janine relationship had been reset to a point where Egon was unaware of her crush, and a lot of the ghosts and monsters they fought were rehashes of creatures the original team had already taken on in RGB, so that it should've been easier to beat them this time (or else the portrayal of the creatures' nature and powers contradicted the original version).

One thing I really liked about it, though, was Jim Latham's new arrangement of the theme song. The original song is annoying with that cheerleadery "Ghostbusters!" yell at the end of every line. The XGB version goes for a more subdued, eerier arrangement, and the first two iterations of "Who you gonna call?" are met with no answer, creating some suspense, as it were. Then when we finally do hear the question answered, it's an eerie whisper. Much, much more effective.
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