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Re: Building the Tumbler from Batman Begins/TDK

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Yeah that tumbler is pretty cool but the Mods are a bunch of d!nk$ over at SHH. Not like the cool mods we got over hear. They ban people left and right for wasting bandwidth and lock threads like they're going out of style. Too bad

Also I hate how the people there repost pictures right under the original post. It's on the same page you don't need to quote the whole thing again!

Awesome dedication for the tumbler. Heh rolling up in that thing for halloween would be killer. Going at 5 miles an hour dropping by each house. Jumping out batman style.

Personally building fictional cars like the delorean time machine or ecto 1 are way beyond my budget.

I'd rather try to make WALL*E. It's a slow process but its coming along. To see the progress
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