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Re: Recommendations?

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I don't know the publication details about the "Time to" series and the Nemesis-movie and of course Titan (i.e. which came earlier, the concept for ATT or Titan) - but was it ever considered to include Wesley in the Titan-novels?
When we were initially developing A Time to..., the original plan was to have Wesley no longer being a Traveller and being back in Starfleet be part of the overall storyline. Then when all his dialogue was removed from the final cut of the film, we dropped it, as we all thought that it was patently ridiculous that Wesley would go back to Starfleet after spending that much time as a higher being.

The Titan novels were planned separately (different editor), but since the final cut of Nemesis also removed the line about Wesley going to Titan, Marco didn't feel particularly beholden to it, either.
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