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Re: First Replicator Usage?

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I'm not buying this "dumbwaiter" approach.

All those moving parts, all those chances for something to go wrong en route from the "galley" to the destination.
How are the turbolifts any different?

And it took just about five seconds, maybe ten, for Kyle and Nurse Chapel to each access randomly selected food.
As I said, it's likely that certain standardized items are prepared in advance and stored near the food slots for easy delivery.

(Remember, it was the Sergeant's idea to have chicken soup; if it was hand-prepared, how did Sarge know it was on the menu?)
Dude... it's chicken soup. If he'd asked for trout almondine, then you'd have a point. But it's chicken soup. Of course it's going to be on the menu.

And nobody said it was hand-prepared. The Making of ST referred to automated machinery and advanced techniques for instant cooking.

To approach it from the opposite direction... We know that Federation starships use transporter technology and subspace everything, including hand talkies. Why not low-grade ("molecular resolution", to use a Sternback term) replicator/microtransporters?
Because Janeway said in "Flashback" that there were no replicators in the 23rd century. And because if they'd had replicators in TOS, they wouldn't have needed to make fake Thanksgiving turkey out of meat loaf in "Charlie X."
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