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Re: Columbia moving forward with new "Ghostbusters"

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I used to watch that after school in the 80s. When I first tuned in, I was disappointed that it wasn't the real Ghostbusters, but it grew on me and I ended up liking it.
There was a Real Ghostbusters cartoon airing contemporaneously, on ABC and in syndication. Maybe it wasn't on in your area?
Both of them were on. That was just the reaction I remember having when I first tuned in to the Filmation cartoon. It wasn't what I was expecting to see every day after school. I was like... "Hey! This isn't the REAL Ghostbusters!" It felt like some cheap knockoff of the "original" that had Venkman and Egon and Slimer, but like I said, I ended up enjoying it.

The Real Ghostbusters aired only once a week on Saturday mornings.
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