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Re: Ghostbusters update

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Fact of the matter is that a script is already made. Only thing holding it up is Bill Murray. And since he doesn't want to do it (last time saying unless he died and was a ghost) and they aren't even going to redo the script to accomidate Murray's absense
This is so wrong as to be utterly hilarious.

Yes, Hellbent exists as a script. And, yes, Murray had agreed to do it, provided he died in the opening act and returned as a ghost in the climax -- which was in the draft. Aykroyd accommodated Murray's requests -- Venkman was killed during the script's opening twenty pages, in the now-clichéd in media res opening of movies. The Ghostbusters were fighting a beast, and Venkman bit the dust, which led to the Ghostbusters 2-like opening of a crisis being concluded with a cut to black and the Ghostbusters logo. He returned at the climax, when Hell had taken over Earth, and as such the beings residing in Hell were now on Earth -- including Venkman, which prompted some silly lines by Stantz and Egon about how it was fitting that Venkman wound up there.

However, the resulting script was so horrible that even Ivan Reitman (who, at the time, held one of the refusal rights to further Ghostbusters properties -- Aykroyd, Ramis, Reitman and Columbia / Sony all had to sign off -- though I believe that contract is no longer in effect) told Aykroyd that the thing was unworkable and, in light of Aykroyd's refusal to start from scratch, told him "Fine, I'll sign off on it, do what you want, but I won't be involved." That's when Ramis decided that he would direct.

The insistence that Aykroyd and / or Ramis write the script for a Ghostbusters 3 is laughable, given Aykroyd's propensity for being batshit crazy and Ramis' spotty track record over the last decade and a half.

And even Ivan Reitman made My Super Ex-Girlfriend.
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