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Re: Ghostbusters update

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Since you're quitre taken with my posting and would rather read them than ignore
Not true. I ignore your posts quite often. But I like Ghostbusters.

-- I'll tell you what else is a barometer for "greatness" when it comes to "Ghostbuster":

Original writers. GB2 may not have been so good, but it still had it's laughs
Yeah, about four.

and interest, and is miles better than, say "Men In Black 2".
What did Aykroyd, Ramis, Lee Eisenberg or Gene Stupnitsky have to do with Men In Black II? Do you seriously mean to make your point by selecting a random sequel as an example? By that logic, you could say that Ghostbusters 3 will be great because The Empire Strikes Back was miles better than Star Wars.

Aside from the regular actors appearing, the original writers should also have a say in the actors, would should be "Actors" and not just famous names or people we see everyday or could "sell" a film.
What makes you think they don't? The whole thing hinges on all four actors returning, which puts them in the position of power. This thing won't get made unless it's a script they want to film.

I'm just going to speculate crazily and assume that Eisenberg and Stupnitsky were selected by Ramis to write this movie, since they wrote the one he just directed.
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