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Re: Ghostbusters update

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Winning an Emmy doesn't equal "great" nor does it make them people who should write a Ghostbusters movie. Gustavo Santaolalla won two Oscars after all...
So aside from awards, critical and financial success, what other barometer is there to measure greatness in your eyes? Besides ample use of MS Paint, I mean.
Since you're quitre taken with my posting and would rather read them than ignore -- I'll tell you what else is a barometer for "greatness" when it comes to "Ghostbuster":

Original writers. GB2 may not have been so good, but it still had it's laughs and interest, and is miles better than, say "Men In Black 2".

Aside from the regular actors appearing, the original writers should also have a say in the actors, would should be "Actors" and not just famous names or people we see everyday or could "sell" a film.

The score should be traditional; not "hip-hop fusing" like "Babylong A.D." or any crap RZA scores. And prefferably done by his son or one of the orchestrators from the first film (who also compose scores).
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