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Re: Recommendations?

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Nemesis (much better than the film , gies more in depth and gives a lot of background)
Nemesis... back when the movie came out I tried to get my hands on a copy of the novelization, but was a bit confused because I read somewhere that there are different versions: one that goes beyond what's shown in the movie, and another that just sort of recounts the movie without any further details...

I'd really like to read "Nemesis", at least the "extended" version because I enjoyed the premise of the movie, if not the execution. So I'd be grateful if anyone of you could shed some light on this.

As for the OP's request:


Yesterday's Son, Time for Yesterday by A.C. Crispin - a continuation/what-if story that follows up on the events of "All Our Yesterdays"

I also enjoyed "The Entropy Effect" and "Ishmael" very much. But then, I'm very fond of stories focusing on Spock and/or the triumvirate. "The Pandora Principle" is another one of those.

If you like some background on Kirk, I'd recommend the "My Brother's Keeper"-trilogy set right after the second pilot "Where no man has gone before".

Right now I'm reading the novelization of "Wrath of Khan", my favourite of the movies - and gosh, the novel so far is even better than the movie... so I'd say you should move that up on your book pile!


From early TNG, I'd recommend Jean Lorrah's "Survivors" focusing on Tasha and Data, and its sequel "Metamorphosis". Peter David's "A Rock and a hard Place" is in some ways a predecessor of his later New Frontier, in that the main original character has quite a few similarities to Calhoun. (Make no mistake, it's an independent story and has no connection whatsoever to the NF, just the similarities in the main characters!)


I second the recommendation of "Fallen Heroes".

Well, that should do it for a few weeks/months. *g*
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