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Re: First Replicator Usage?

Oh, I'm ready to apply the argument both ways. The TNG system might very well feature dumbwaiter elements, or beverages stored in the terminals for immediate delivery (indeed, this would help explain some of the malfuction modes).

It just strikes me as incredibly crude and inflexible that the food slots of TOS would have their own network of frankly rather gigantic shafts capable of accommodating trayfuls of food. If any alternative existed to building that trunkage, I'm sure Starfleet would go for it.

And at some point in Trek history, energy expenses will cease to matter aboard starships. Probably they have ceased to matter long before ENT, really, considering the supposedly fantastic power requirements of high performance warp drives. Out of the parameters to be optimized, energy expenditure is probably among the last and least.

Timo Saloniemi
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