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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

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No, again, your wrong. We know exactly what we need to do to attain FTL speeds. We just don't know how to actually do it. Hell, we have ways to produce FTL-communication (quantum-entanglement).
If you read my little snippet on quantum entanglement in the sci/tech thread, you'll realise that even if scientists do actually prove this exists, they are talking about fields connecting sub-atomic particles.
And what do you think a beam of light is, hmm? It's a collection of sub-atomic particles. Hence, with quantum entanglement, and this is not "do actually prove this exists", it IS proven to exist, in FACT it's being USED in experiments. We can create AT WILL quantum entanglement. Teleportation uses quantum entanglement.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but humans are, without exception, not sub-atomic particles. Nor are any putative spaceships of the future.

Some enthusiasts have speculated what might cause an effect that could override the fact that nothing but light can move at the speed of light - this is not "knowing exactly what we need". It's science fiction.
One does not use quantum entanglement for FTL travel of people, in case you hadn't noticed, that was an example through which we can communicate FTL.

The FTL travel method for ships that we know is possible, is called the Warp Drive. You might know it from Star Trek. You put your ship in a subspace bubble, shrink space in front of you, expand it behind of you, and the universe will zip past you at speeds greater than that of light - since although relativity tells us that no object in space-time can go faster than light, there is no such limitation on space-time itself.

Back in the early 70s Star Trek - or rather Franz Joseph, writer of the then Technical Manual - predicted this. For 25 years it was an obscure little text in the technical manual, and then in 1995, a rather smart physicist who happened to be a Star Trek fan, thought: "Hmm, let's see what happens when we just do the science." So he plugged the concept in General Relativity and string physics, did the math, and lo-and-behold, shock, EXACTLY as Franz Joseph pulled out his imagination so does the universe ACTUALLY work. This is not science fiction anymore, it's SCIENCE. You shrink space in front of you, expand it behind you and you've achieved FTL travel, FOR REAL.

Like I said; the problem, is actually practically doing it. But if we had the practical means to warp space and time, create subspace bubbles, we can go FTL. We know what we need to do to achieve FTL travel, it's essentially possible, we just have no idea how to actually do it.

Hence my earlier statement: If scientist keep hammering something is impossible from science fiction, there's a larger chance the science fiction concept becomes real before your lifetime is over, than that it will be proven to be truly impossible.
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