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48 were mobilized.
Where does that figure come from?

I mean, it's perfectly plausible, but it doesn't seem to be based on anything on screen. The known names of starships that might have been present amount to barely over twenty, and that's including names from computer games and the like.

The Enterprise apparently did no recovery operations and there were no life signs when they reached the battle site, so the survivors were likly picked up by whatever ships were left.
And one might think they went on some sort of doomsday mode, deciding not to go to the nearby Earth because that was a lost cause already, nor to answer any hails because the Borg might track them down.

Which prompts one to think that there weren't that many survivor ships after all. Perhaps just two or three, of small and weak types that would not have offered credible resistance anyway, and were better used for spiriting at least a few examples of H.sapiens to the safety of some faraway hideout planet.

I guess that after our TNG heroes stopped the Borg, those brave shipfuls of new Adams and Eves got a reputation they'd rather forget about... I wonder which was the greater pariah in "Emissary", the traitor-to-mankind Picard or the running-for-his-life-coward Sisko?

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