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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

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TV just isn't the place for pure, rigourous science fiction.
I think it could be, if it was backdrop. If it was the main selling point, it would fail.

Also, I don't know how long that would stay interesting. A speculative fiction TV series that locks itself down into any assumptions/dogma stands a chance of getting predictable.

Science fiction is about breaking boundaries, not adhering to them.

So I think "pure" science fiction could be a launch platform, if you will. But if you never leave it...

Actually you can do a pure science fiction show without any supernatural elements and make it interesting. The show would just need to have more of an adventure spin to it. Techincally CSI is now considered sci-fi because it uses speculative technology.

The first and last seasons of seaQuest are good examples. Most of season 1 was considered sci-fact (once you weed out the ghosts and couple of psychic episodes). 2032 was all action and political intrigue.
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