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Re: Google ownz your browsing

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And just a little off topic, what's the E.U.'s effort in OSs and browsers and media players?
MS was forced to release special versions of Windows, without the mediaplayer. It was called Windows XP N, I believe.

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How can Google "take over" anything when their browser is open source? At worst, everyone ignores it. At best, competing browsers integrate Chrome's good ideas.

Since keeping each tab in a separate process is kind of a no-brainer, I am more interested in their approach to JavaScript. The hidden class concept and sticking JS within a VM are both interesting ideas. I know that the thing that most often causes me trouble is misbehaving JavaScript. Always lagging my pages, stealing precious clock cycles.

I will probably wait until Chrome is more mature before I consider jumping aboard, but the ideas put forth are pretty interesting.
Google. The hype. That's two powerful weapons on the internet. Being opensource is an advantage. But in the present case, it will help all browsers, as it is what Google hopes. You can add the element of surprise since there were only some rumors about a gBrowser and then Chrome is popping out of the blue.

It seems to work since early and sketchy reports indicate Chrome has taken a 1% share on the web browsers market. That's very big, but it's still too early to make a bet. The hype worked, that's for sure.
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