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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

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well, season 1 really didn't have any supernatural elements.

It's maybe a bit trickier with season 2 (which I sometimes like to consider as a different series altogether), but the physical prowess of the familiars is explained as a product of selective breeding through the ages. Still well in the realm of science (or pseudo-science), I would think. S2 also has a brainy guy who's able to predict the future, but it's supposed to be statistical analysys and probabilities calculations. It's been a while since I've seen S2 but I don't recall straight-forward supernatural elements.

As for pseudo-science: yes, most of it, obviously.
As an aside, just how was the show in terms of watchability?

And seeing as how I stated I was willing to draw a line between pseudoscience and the supernatural earlier in this thread I won't hold the pseudoscience against the show in terms of the topic of this thread.
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