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Re: Recommendations?

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I need some recommendations on novels to buy and read, or at least put on my Amazon wishlist.

First, some background on what I currently own and have or have not read, and what I liked or disliked about them. So far I have read TOS's Spock's World (a library copy), TOS's Dreams of the Raven, the first two volumes of New Frontier, The Eugenics Wars (vols. 1 & 2), TNG's Encounter at Farpoint; and am currently reading Star Trek: The Motion Picture (novelization). Of those books, my favorite is probably Dreams of the Raven, because it's the closest to the original mission of the Enterprise: "To explore strange new worlds; To seek out new life and new civilizations; To boldly go where no man/one has gone before." Except for that, however, it was fairly ordinary. I also enjoyed Encounter at Farpoint, and am enjoying TMP a little less, because I can picture the original episode/movie in my mind. That said, I would like a little more than just novelizations.

After TMP, I plan on reading DS9's Emissary (after rewatching it on DVD). After that comes TNG's Q-Squared. Other Star Trek novels I currently own are vols. 3 & 4 of New Frontier, as well as novelizations of movies II through VI (to be read in order, after watching their respective movies).

About New Frontier: I read vols. 1 & 2, but kept getting more and more confused over who was who, which race they belonged to, "Are they the good guy or the bad guy?", etc. Some day, I'll try to reread vols. 1 & 2, as well as 3 & 4 for the first time. Some day, just not today.

As for what I like, I'm familiar with TOS, TNG (first 3 seasons, so far), and DS9 (first season, so far). I'm currently in the process of watching TNG and DS9 on DVD, so I'll eventually be familiar with more seasons. This is important to me with regard to character changes and major development (see New Frontier, above). Also, I'd prefer more TNG and DS9 novels, basically to broaden my horizons. (So far, I've never watched anything on VOY or ENT. Eventually I'll get to them, just not right away.)

I prefer novels that deal with technology over relations, but even more than technology I prefer science and exploration (the original mission, again). Humor is always good, as long as it doesn't need to be explained to me. (Spock vs. Bones is one type of humor that is always good; so is Data rambling on ("Thank-you, Data!"); but they're by no means the only types.) Also, since I'm still getting into DS9, a story that gets me "into" a regular character more--what they were like before DS9, their role on DS9, etc.--would be nice.

Also, as I'm a slow reader, I generally prefer older, shorter novels over newer, longer ones. However, if it's easy to read and engaging....

So, what books would you recommend for me? If you have any questions or need more info about what I like or prefer, feel free to ask.

(Boy, that was longer than I thought! )

I just finished the 3 book Terok Nor series.. which provides background on DS9 when it was Terok Nor, how the Cardassians came to be on Bajor.. it will give you a great base of how things came to be. I thought the series was excellent... one of my favorites!
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