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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

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^ Plus, wasn't there a villain from farscape who was an evil wizard? He was in two episodes of the series, I think. And he was actually referred to as a wizard. Not "an alien with wizard like powers" but a wizard-wizard.

Definitely supernatural.
I think his name was Maldis if I remember correctly. And yes... very supernatural!

Also, back to DS9. Jadzia's ability to transfer the memories of her previous hosts to members of the DS9 crew in that one episode was definately supernatural in nature.

This also leads me to another thought. Are supernatural abilities/powers used as a storytelling crutch when the well of ideas has run dry?

It's ironic that as i type this there is a banner ad on the right of the screen saying "click here to download your personal horoscope". One often forgets just how pervasive the supernatural/pseudoscientific is in our culture.
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