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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

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As far as we know, Lost has no supernatural elements.

And if you assume the Prophets are really just wormhole aliens, DS9 is totally within the realm of science as well.

Farscape had Zhaan, a Delvian priest who displayed many mystical abilities. It also had people switching bodies, etc... (I love Farscape dearly but there's a lot of supernatural elements to be found).
Zhaan's abilities could have been natural for her species. Switching bodies isn't inherently supernatural.
Again I point to the example of Dukat's "posession" for DS9.

As for Farscape. If you can show me one example from nature of a living creature switching bodies with another creature I'd be willing to accept this one. But I'm fairly certain such an example will never be found.

Your point about Zhaan is well taken. It's been a while since I've run through the show but I'm sure there are some other examples. Such as her being able to commune with the deceased Aeryn and bring her back to life. Inherent in the species or not, it doesn't fit with the laws of the natural world.
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