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Re: Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

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Though now that you mention it I would put Apollo 13 and the first 2 "Alien" movies into the category of movies without supernatural elements.
If you'll count Apollo 13, then From The Earth To The Moon (the HBO miniseries) should count.
I haven't seen it yet so I can't see. I'll put it on my list of things to track down.
It's not really science fiction. Maybe historical fiction with science as a genre? Very much in the vein of Apollo 13 (even with a returning actor or two).

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Farscape had Zhaan, a Delvian priest who displayed many mystical abilities. It also had people switching bodies, etc... (I love Farscape dearly but there's a lot of supernatural elements to be found).
Wow. I should have thought of Zhaan immediatly. She's the face of Farscape. It HAS been a while.

As for the particular case of DS9. Having Dukat become "posessed" for lack of a better term is one element I would consider supernatural. And the whole concept of Sisko being 'the chosen one' seems to fit with the notion of precognition (on the part of the wormhole aliens) which would also make it fit as supernatural in my eyes.
That certainly takes on the appearance of the supernatural, but it's all been explained with pseudoscience. i.e. the Prophets aren't providing precognition, they just exist on a non-linear plane. Yes, it's millions of lightyears more advanced than us, but it's not presented as supernatural.
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