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cynical dreamer
Ripping the supernatural out of science fiction.

Here's a question:

Name me a science fiction series that avoids any and all supernatural elements in all of it's many forms.

Yes that includes psychic councellors and doctors, psychic links to marine mammals, ghosts, demons, gods, devils, mind melding, vampires, etc, etc...

I mean a complete rejection of the supernatural.

There's a few movies out there that fit that description, but precious few tv series.

So, with your help, I'm looking to compile a list.

I think SeaQuest could have been an outstanding series if you ripped the supernatural from it.

I also think the new BSG, as good as it is, would be that much better without invoking the gods and the various visions of many of the characters.

I just long for a sci-fi series that plays it straight. At all times.
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