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Re: Data - B4 Question

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What if B-4 was given an experimental procedure that made him smarter temporarily? And it had been tested on his pet robotic tribble, named after an ancient Earth programming language? But the tribble died, so B-4 had to go back to being the way he was before.

It could be called Flowers for ALGOL-9.
Somehow, I knew something to 'Flowers for Algernon' effect would creep up in here. (And, yes, if it hadn't I would have suggested a variation of it myself. )

Personally, I'd rather see the usage of B-4 (if any) take a different tack. B-4 would presumably have this pressure on him to be like Data, and (assuming he understood the pressure, of course) would likely want to become as different from Data as he could. That, to me, would make a more interesting story than 'how B-4 turned into Data 2.0.'
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