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Re: Data - B4 Question

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For the sake of debate - In comparison, then it could argued that humans are not as advanced as Data (processing, memory storage/retrieval), at out current state of evolution. Maybe then: Less advanced neural network + Segments of Data's memories, software = Closer to Human.
No, not really. In terms of raw capacity and speed, Data surpassed us, but in terms of neural-network architecture, he was still a step or two behind us on the developmental scale. Data was created to mimic the way a human mind works, and though he approached that goal more successfully than any previous known human-made AI, he still fell short in terms of emotion and socialization skills. Indeed, he was arguably surpassed by subsequent AIs such as the Doctor and Vic Fontaine, who don't have Data's psychological limitations.

B-4 is more analogous to, say, a chimpanzee. A chimp is capable of learning language and other skills at about the level of a small human child, but not beyond. You can teach a chimp a vocabulary of hundreds of words, but it takes a lot longer than with a human child, and there's a limit to how much it can learn. Even if, say, Spock were to mind-meld with a chimp and give it all his memories, the chimp might learn some things no chimp had ever known before, but it would still perceive and respond to that knowledge in its own chimply way, and it would never be able to qualify as a starship science officer.

Geordi did make the comment "Maybe it'll just take longer for him (B4) to incorporate the download" - paraphrasing
I addressed this point already in the final paragraph of post #22.

So there were a few "out clauses", if the B4/Data storyline/issue was to have been revisited in a future Nxt Gen movie.
Of course there were out clauses; the whole memory-download idea was a blatant out clause. But for the reasons I've explained, I wouldn't have found it credible if a subsequent movie had used it to resurrect Data (though I guess it pales next to my credibility issues with Genesis and the fal tor pan), and I'm quite happy that the books have taken a different route. There was a pretty good Data-resurrection story in SNW10, and that was entertaining as a wish-fulfillment piece, but I just don't see it as technically feasible.
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