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Is Susan the Master?

When the Doctor was just a kid, barely 90, the he closed the Medusa cascade with the Master. That story sounded like a cross between a roadtrip movie and a buddy movie. And that's great if the Doctor and the Master ran away from Galifrey twice before the original series started and the first time without Susan... Unless The Master was Susan and Susan was the Master.

  • English and Dutch: from the female personal name Susanna, Susanne (Middle English), Susanna (Dutch), from Hebrew Shushannah ‘lily’, ‘lily of the valley’.
  • Southern French: from Occitan susan ‘above’, ‘higher’, hence a topographic name for someone living at the top end of a village or on the side of a valley.
  • Jewish (Sephardic): from the male personal name Susan, a derivative of Arabic susan ‘lily’.

mean while we all know what Foreman means, even if it was only a chance adoption because of the landing sight of the TARDIS in a Junk yard... A Foreman is the boss, if not the Lilly boss, then the Top Boss... The Master!)

If some one left me on a radioactive cursed earth rubble ruins wastelands to breed with a monkey which had a half life of maybe 6 months because of the fractured and poisoned biosphere.... I'd hardly be chipper about it, especially 40 years on when it seems as if I hadn't aged 5 minutes and my husband and children are mutated dying and dead. Susan could have and should have gone mad, and maybe her reappearance in the 5 Doctors was only half way through to her journey to the nut-house since as she mentioned, her children where still alive although from her garb it's insane to think that man had rebuilt the planet to the point of a sustainable industry so quickly that she wasn't already Batshit like Will Smith in that Quiet earth Vampire Movie last year pretending everything was alright when everyone was quite dead... But if I'm on track, didn't the Master really really play it cool when he met his younger female self?

Anyone want to say hell yeah?
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