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Re: Watchmen-The graphic novel

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Genuinely comparing Watchmen to War and Peace would be a good example.
War in Peace is often considered one of the "greatest novels ever written."

Watchmen is often considered one of the "greatest graphic novels ever written."

I haven't had the opportunity nor the dedication to read either, but it seems that whether you want to compare the two depends on your evaluation of the relative merits of the medium of the novel vs. the graphic novel.

Do you view the graphic novel as simply an inferior medium, or is your rejection of such a comparison simply a result of your lukewarm analysis of Watchmen?
It's a bit unfair to compare Watchmen, as good as it is, to something like War and Peace. It's like comparing a really good steak dinner at your mom's house with a seven course meal at a Michelin 2-star. There is just so much more to examine and analyze in War and Peace, and I'm not just talking about the number of words in the book. Watchmen was indeed special, but not because it broke any new literary ground, it was special because it broke ground in the comic book industry. It did many things few if any comics had done before, but very little if anything others who've put pen to paper before had already done.

It's like the best song the Rolling Stones or U2 ever wrote compared to the best symphony Mozart ever composed. They're all amazing in their subjective categories but different enough where direct comparisons are rather trite, IMO.

That doesn't mean you can't compare them, but you can compare go-kart league racing with F1 if you want too.

Let me know if foreign university students are still writing thesis around an aspect of Watchmen in 150 years.
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