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Re: Data - B4 Question

That's it! Just rain on my parade!

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It wasn't a purposeful set up, it was a safety net.
OK, maybe the term "purposeful set up" may have been a bit too exact - it was made as a "possible storyline to explore"

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The final shots of TWOK, with Spock's tube intact on Genesis and Nimoy giving the voiceover, weren't put in because the filmmakers knew for a fact that Nimoy would be returning
In a few interviews I've read over the years, Bennet, Myer, and Nimoy have said that the final tube and voice over were added due to the fact that after filming had ended Nimoy said at the wrap party "I had a lot of fun doing this movie, I can't wait to do the next one" So they quickly filmed the tube scene as their "out" to bring Spock back.

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I just find it thoroughly unbelievable that a prototype as crude as B-4 would ever be capable of containing any sizeable percentage of Data's consciousness. Telling the story that way would require glossing over most of what was established about the character in NEM. At most, B-4 might be able to grow to the point of being a functional child with occasional flashes of Data's memory.
The one issue that wasn't addressed, and may have been way to technically involved for a movie. How do we know that B4 may have just been loaded with basic software, basically to just the level of a toddler, and may have actually had the capacity to eventually evolve and grow, though at a much slower pace (though helped along with Data's programing and memories). In fact Data was initially somewhat childlike and we got to watch him evolve and grow over time. Therefore B4 could grow into his own character, possibly even surpassing Data - in time.

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