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Re: Watchmen-The graphic novel

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You cite very, very little subtext--much less than I, my friends, and various sites I've seen online have found. And I find what you do cite to be off the mark. For example, you describe Rorschach as "staunchly heterosexual". Really? And here I thought...
You keep forgetting that I'm talking about who wins, which is only part of the book. For my point, discussion of other aspects of Watchmen is irrelevant, so the amount of subtext is also irrelevant. The rub is the subtext I read---it seems to denigrate the coolness of Rorschach! Well, it does, but that is a real and serious flaw in the book I think. That's why Moore/Gibbon do not deserve excessively lavish praise.

As to the substance of your objection----

It may be of no interest to you, but Watchmen is widely recognized as a super-hero comic that deconstructs super-hero comics. This is a key element of the book, and the main reason why many fear that it won't translate properly onscreen.
Oh, I think a true deconstruction of superhero comics would involve some real world physics. This no doubt seems obtuse, like thinking (which I confess I do) that deconstructing the Western movie involves some real world history. Perhaps the failure to radically deconstruct alllowed the uncontrolled reemergence of the old adolescent themes of superhero comics, in a freshly thrilling form?

(5)Mainstream critics and college professors suffering "terminal" enthusiasm are wildly wrong and should be pitied. Genuinely comparing Watchmen to War and Peace would be a good example.
Oh, for heaven's sake--I was quoting Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor from Superman: The Movie! Now who's taking things too seriously? And it's called allusion, it's a literary device.
Italics added. I didn't think you meant to compare Watchmen to War and Peace. I just thought you meant to compare me to a completely imaginary idiot who thought War and Peace was a simple adventure story. I manfully resisted the temptation to make fun of taking literature from Lex Luthor once all ready. Please don't tempt me futher.

Why so touchy? Because a major part of the appeal, even though maturity may allow appreciation of deconstruction or irony or subtext, etc, the story of who wins is responsible for a lot of the book's appeal. Stated baldly, it doesn't sound very grown up (because it isn't,) but it is what it is.
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