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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Not Just A Rehash Says Abrams

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Well, I don't want to sound like Matt, but this is more J.J. babble. I'll really start to get excited when he actually shows us something to confirm this is really, really different.
I do admit that, while I am enthusiastic about the movie and what JJA has to say about it, I would like to see something to back up with they are saying. The cast posters were a good start though.

I agree Broc, but I'm really anxious to see a few still photos. I remember back in 1979, Paramount released a cast photo of the crew on the bridge, as early as March or April, more than six months before the film hit the screens. I'm just kinda surprised that we haven't had something similar here, just a few shots from one or two of the sets.
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