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Re: Prison Break Spoiler poll

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Seemed to me the "sacrafice six" dealt with the code or whatever being on six different drives, rather than one, and not how many are going to die.
They got the first drive without sacrificing anyone on their team (unless you count Whistler? but he wasn't on the team) so I'm not taking that literally.
What I meant was, that was the code to tell them that there are six drives. The Company split the infro among the six drives. They "sacraficed six" of their men For the good of the whole.

Playing along, though....

Michael, Sara, Linc and Sucre all must live. They're pretty much the only characters that need to live to give the series a "happy ending" (along with LJ and.... what's her name. But right now they're hardly imporatnt characters.)

Mahone and Bellick are extra weight, but killing Bellick would be silly as he's just a pathetic lug. Mahone has little to keep him alive in the story line.

Playing along, we could also reason that the killings/deaths of Tweener, Abruzzi, Westmorland/DB Cooper and maybe even Haywire could count in the sacrafices as they died all as part of the plan to get us to this point.
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