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Re: Google ownz your browsing

Hadn't heard of this, sounds interesting. I like the idea of trying to improve all web browsers through making their own.

Although some of their 'new' features are already available in IE8 Beta 2. IE8 finally has crash recovery and limits most crashes to the individual tab. All tabs are also opened in separate processes. Its URL bar works in a similar way to Chrome, it'll search through your history and favourites and so if you type in 'Car' it'll come up with all the relevant pages. Also IE8 now displays recently closed tabs when you open a new one, again similar to Chrome (although it doesn't show the most visited web pages), and it has it's own privacy option called inprivate browsing that works the same way as Chrome.

I don't use Firefox 3 very much but I suspect that many of these features I've listed are there as well. This isn't a criticism of Chrome though (I haven't even used the browser yet), I just wanted to point out that Google hasn't done all these first (regardless if they do them better).

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