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Re: Prison Break Spoiler poll

My choices:
Mahone: They just took away his hope for life, so he's on a death wish...and have one last shot at redemption.
Gretchen: Now that she (will probably) be on our hero's side, she'll die redeeming herself
Bellick: He's just too stupid & fearful to not get himself killed
Roland the Asian techie: PB this season will follow the rule of the minority getting killed (especially a relatively minor one; Sucre's got too much to live for, and has been around too long to die)
Donald Self: not sure actually if he'll die...but why not. It might be something last minute, where the guys might have to go on the run again...
Season 1: i am thinking someone like C-Note might be brought back.

Don't know why i didn't select T-Bag. After all this time -- he has GOT to die. But i think it will be his own doing, not by our heroes. He might cross paths with a former victim of his (or a relative of said victim), and THEY will suddenly kill him (if not hunt him down near the end of the season).
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