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Re: Star Trek - The Motion Picture Re-Scored End Credits

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Where did you get that music? It goes perfectly with Meco's Star Wars theme.
Yet it isn't the music I recall on MECO's STAR TREK/BLACK HOLE album. That one had the little lyrical ditty,

attention carbon units/what would you do,
if you had to save the earth, from something attacking you

you'd call the best man you can,
doonabdoonab, doonab,
Judging from his work,
that'd be captain james kirk.

but what's that you say,
the man's an admiral today.

you give him back his enterprise, that'd come as no surprise.

en cee cee, one seven oh one,
those the magic numbers that get the job done.

you'd get spock, bones, scotty and sulu too,
and with those star trekkers there'd be no vger attacking you.

(sad to have memorized those lyrics, believe me.}
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