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Re: Prison Break Spoiler poll

Since this is the final season, way the ratings have been going, it’s fairly easy to figure out who lives and who dies.

Michael, Linc and Sarah live, since they are important main characters. LJ and Sofia live, since there’s no reason to kill them.

Michael kills T-Bag; Sarah kills Gretchen (unless she has a last minute change of heart, but my Magic 8 Ball says she gets over that and kills the beeotch anyway). Linc kills Mahone for offing Daddy.

Sucre and Bellick are sorta comic relief at this point, which means they live.

Self and the Asian technie are unimportant characters who can live or die, doesn’t much matter. I’m happy to off both of them.

Since this is all drearily predictable, I’ll toss in a real wild-card death for the final episode. Why not Michael himself? The one you least expect.

So my six are:

Asian techie
Seemed to me the "sacrafice six" dealt with the code or whatever being on six different drives, rather than one, and not how many are going to die.
They got the first drive without sacrificing anyone on their team (unless you count Whistler? but he wasn't on the team) so I'm not taking that literally.
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